Open Enterprise Suite

Software suite consisting of several tried-and-tested modular components with an open-source core.

Connect data from other WebIDs to your data pipeline

  • Get a WebID for your company so people can share their data with you.
  • Map data models and access policies.
  • Perform queries and ensure atomic data transactions.
Identity Proxy

Make your traditional OpenID Connect provider compatible with Solid

  • Tested with the most popular identity providers.
  • Get started within hours.

Easily build apps for Solid

  • A wrapper to easily build apps composed of Web Components.
  • Use ready-made components or create your own.
SemCom and Web Components

Get ahead with tried-and-tested Web Components

  • Ready-made W3C Web Components.
  • A mechanism to dynamically look up the right component for different and unknown kinds of data.

Get started with Solid