Disrupting the Personal Data Industry

Improve customer centricity.
Interconnect without concerns.

Our open and flexible personal data and metadata platform allows you to easily create customer-centric digital ecosystems without concerns.


Interconnect and activate personal data and metadata while still being able to sleep at night.



Build a digital customer-centric digital ecosystem of interconnected apps, subsidiaries or strategic partners. This way, you can increase customer satisfaction, create new sources of revenue and improve business processes.


Get ready for advanced analytics and semantic AI. Easily access all personal data and metadata by building a decentralised customer knowledge graph within or outside your virtual private cloud. You will make better decisions faster.


You shouldn’t need to worry about privacy compliance, data breaches or data quality. Our personal data solutions ensure privacy by design and facilitate proper data quality management so you can sleep at night.

We turn your ambitions into reality.


Digital Ecosystems

Create new sources of revenue, improve business processes and increase customer satisfaction.


Digital Transformation

Increase digital satisfaction and turn into a customer centric organisation.


Self-sovereign identity

Drive consumer trust and give your customers control over their data and their decentralised personal data vault.


Semantic AI

Connect data silos, improve data quality and strengthen your AI strategy.


Customer centric companies use Digita to create business value

Reduce costs and time to market

Digita allows you to bring new services to the market cheaper and in a shorter time and connect with partners or external data sources with the click of a mouse.

Take better decisions in a shorter time

Digita lets your leverage the power of advanced analytics and semantic AI so you can address your customers’ needs before they even arise and enables you to rapidly gather advanced insights about customer segments.

Facilitate privacy compliance & Improve customer trust

Digita tells you where personal data is stored and what you may do with it. It also lets you record data uses and process requests of data subjects. If you desire, you can let your customers know what you did with their data so you can prevent data breaches, increase customer trust and thus ensure long-term competitiveness.

Improve business processes and reduce costs

Digita lets you define complex events that trigger your marketing automation software and allows you to replace hard-to-maintain legacy integrations with a cost-effective alternative.


Why Digita?

Deploy within minutes

Digita is an on premise solution that can be deployed within your virtual private cloud. A marketplace of connectors and a drag-and-drop interface allow you to get started without breaking a sweat.

Avoid a vendor-lock in

Digita is based on open web protocols and semantic standards so that you are free to choose another vendor whenever you want (which is something we highly doubt you’ll ever do).

Ensure you are future proof

Digita is Solid compliant, supports linked data and incorporates a privacy model based on established theories. Moreover, Digita’s researchers are constantly monitoring the following domains: identity management, data privacy and data quality.


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