Disrupting the Personal Data Industry

We are personal data experts on a mission to let people and organisations share information without concerns

Digita’s ambition is to be the most trusted technology and service provider for organisations that aspire to be ethical information leaders by accelerating their transition to an open ecosystem which allows everyone to easily build, operate and grow transparent information sharing platforms.


Our enterprise solutions.


Convert prospects and prevent churn.

Is your company still pushing commercial offers to customers or prospects, hoping customers won’t churn and prospects will convert to customers? In times when data is becoming the front-line of sales, we can do better than simply spray and pray. Our personal data management solutions allow your prospects and customers to ask for a commercial offer themselves.

Become customer centric.

Time is money and this is especially relevant when talking about the time of your customer. People are becoming aware of how little time they have and the importance of spending it well. Customer centric companies have long acknowledged that they have to provide a great experience. Our personal data solutions help you to optimise your customer’s time.

Become a trusted gatekeeper.

Let’s not forget that data are facts about humans and that those humans are tired of companies abusing their personal information. You wouldn’t like to have your data breached and neither does your customer. This has created an environment where privacy-aware organisations are rewarded for their reputation as trusted gatekeepers. We provide an ethical way to capture data of your customers and prospects.

Comply with the GDPR and EpRivacy Directive.

Where do you currenlty get your data from and are you sure these data sources are compliant with the GDPR and ePrivacy directive? With our personal data management solutions, privacy is ensured by design which makes sure that you do not have to worry about being non-compliant.

Our research.

Digita has close ties with leading research institutions and conducts cutting edge research which is published in highly respected scientific journals.


Vertically Desintegrated Personal Data

We contribute to the Solid project which aims to achieve that everyone can administer their own personal data pod which contains the data owner’s single version of the truth and enables a vertically desintegrated data market.


Manual Data Entry

We conduct research on how errors in manual data entry can be prevented by motivating people to enter data without errors and by increasing the fit between the data entry task, technology and individual.


Consent Management

We investigate how people and companies know what personal data is processed and for what purpose.


Data Quality Measurement

We investigate how one can quantify and communicate objectively observable data quality issues.

Our products.


My Move

My Move is a free one-stop-shop on which people who are about to move house can notify a selection of companies about their new address. My Move is locally branded with names such as verhuisplan.be or jedemenage.be.

Delta Data - Mockup Dashboard.png

Delta Data

Delta Data is a corporate interface to collect personal data from sources such as Digita’s My Move in such a way that it ensures privacy-by-design.


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