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Digita’s management has a strong background in scientific research, information technology and management.

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Lauro Vanderborght
Commercial & Advisory Operations

Lauro manages Digita and is responsible for Digita’s commercial and advisory operations. He holds a Master’s degree in Commercial Engineering and a Master’s degree in Information Management. Before co-founding Digita, Lauro gained experience at Proximus as Management Trainee in different departments. After his traineeship, he was part of Proximus’ Strategy team steering the €3bn Fiber Deployment Program.

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Wouter Janssens
Technology & Products

Wouter manages Digita and is responsible for Digita’s product management and design. He holds a Master’s degree in Information Management and a Bachelor’s degree in IT. Before co-founding Digita Wouter was responsible for in-store technology at Delhaize Belgium and Luxembourg.

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Prof. dr. Tom Haegemans
Research & Development

Tom manages Digita and is part-time professor at KU Leuven. At Digita, he is responsible for research and development. He holds a PhD in Business Economics, a Master’s degree in Information Management and a Bachelor’s degree in IT. His research about data quality and user acceptance is published in well-respected scientific journals. Before co-founding Digita, Tom was a PhD Researcher at KU Leuven and a Visiting Researcher at the University of Cambridge.


Board of Advisors

Digita’s management is advised by a team of domain experts.

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Prof. dr. Pieter De Leenheer
Data Innovator

Pieter is co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Collibra. He leads the company’s Research & Education group, including Collibra University, an online learning platform for data governance and data science education. Prior to co-founding Collibra, Pieter was a professor at VU University of Amsterdam. Today he serves as adjunct professor at Columbia University and as visiting scholar at several universities across the globe, including UC San Diego and Stanford.


Dr. Dirk De Bot
Privacy Expert

Dirk is a freelance data protection expert with over 25 years of experience. Prior to starting his own business, he worked for many years in the financial sector as well as for the Belgian federal governement. He also worked as an expert for the Belgian supervisory authority where he closely monitored the realisation of the GDPR. In 2015 Dirk obtained a PhD for his research about the legal framework for data exchanges between public authorities

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Regis Verschueren
Commercial Expert

Regis is business unit manager at Corilus and has over 20 years of commercial experience. Prior to joining Corilus, he was sales director at Bisnode, sales director at Isabel and head of internet and applications at Belgacom.


Ingrid Gonnissen
Business Expert

Ingrid is an enthusiastic, optimistic and innovative leader with a demonstrated history of success in the B2B market. Currently, she serves as a board member of companies such as AG Insurance. Before she decided to focus on board memberships and coaching, Ingrid was Chief Enterprise Officer at Orange Belgium and Country Manager at Xerox. In 2018, she was named ICT woman of the year by a professional jury of prominent ICT professionals.