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Our mission is to let people and organisations share information without concerns

We provide technology and services to easily build, operate and grow transparent digital platforms


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Become an ethical information leader

Let’s not forget that data are facts about humans and that those humans are tired of companies abusing their personal information. You wouldn’t like to have your data breached and neither does your customer. This has created an environment where privacy-aware organisations are rewarded for their reputation as ethical information leaders. Our platforms can help your company to become one.

Offer meaningful experiences

How do people perceive your brand? Do they fast forward your TV commercials? Would they even care if your brand disappeared? With our digital platforms, we enable companies to create meaningful experiences and make sure they don’t have to worry about the risks and compliance of personal data management.

Create new value drivers

Is your company still pushing commercial offers to customers or prospects, hoping customers won’t churn and prospects will convert into customers? In times where customer centricity is key, you have to do better than simply spray and pray. With our digital platforms, we can help you to create extra value drivers to nurture leads and prevent churn.

Improve data quality and become compliant

Where do you currently get your data from? Are you sure these data sources provide high quality data and are compliant with the GDPR and ePrivacy directive? With a transparent digital platform, users are motivated to enter high quality because they know the importance of doing so and are certain their privacy is ensured by design.

What we do

Our ambition is to be the most trusted technology and service provider for organisations that aspire to be ethical information leaders by accelerating their transition to an open ecosystem which allows everyone to easily build, operate and grow transparent information sharing platforms.


Ideate, validate & build

We help you to come up with appealing concepts, to perform market research to validate these concepts and to transform these concepts into living digital platforms. This way, you can reduce your risk and don’t have to use your internal resources.



Let us operate your transparant digital platform and rely on our abilities to prevent data breaches. Don’t worry, our open ecosystem ensures that you are free to choose another vendor whenever you want (which is something we highly doubt you’ll ever do).



We enable platform growth by letting our partners leverage the network effects of our marketplace and offer a 360° view for both your company and your customer.



We do scientific research so you don’t have to worry about your “Kodak moment”. We are contributing to the following domains: identity management, privacy, consent management and data quality.

Our platforms


My Move

My Move is a free one-stop-shop on which people who are about to move house can notify a selection of companies about their new address. My Move is locally branded with names such as verhuisplan.be.


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