This is how Digita will disrupt the personal data industry

Consumer Data: Essential for Business, But Hard to Come By


Nowadays, consumer data (i.e. data about customers and prospects) is vital to organisations. For example, organisations want to make sure they can contact their clients or want to save their customers’ personal preferences so that they can improve the quality of the services they offer.

Yet, consumer data is hard to come by and even harder to keep up-to-date. For example, estimates show that yearly 10% of all consumers move house, rendering the information stored on these consumers inaccurate after they actually change dwelling. What happens to the personal documents of these movers such as invoices or newly created credit cards if their contact information goes missing or gets out-of-date?

Personal Data Suppliers

Currently, the market of consumer data is exploited by data suppliers that are largely profit-driven and some even use questionable methods to gather data when it comes to consumers’ rights.

To help organisations keep their consumer data up-to-date, several data suppliers exist that gather consumer data and share this data with other organisations and services. This is beneficial for both companies and consumers, at least when this information is gathered and shared in a way that is ethical and is based on respect for the consumers’ rights.

However, currently, the market of consumers data is exploited by data providers that are largely profit-driven and some use questionable methods to gather data when it comes to consumers’ rights. This has been made painstakingly clear with the events of Cambridge Analytica, data breaches in large organisations, and the burdensome implementation of GDPR. These events show that consumers are not in control anymore of their personal data.

Let’s Put Consumers Back in Control!


Promising initiatives like SOLID, and are set out to break the monopoly of these controversial personal data providers by developing technologies that want “to reset the balance of power on the web”. Sadly, these technologies are not yet ready for the real world and are, as a consequence, not yet widely adopted.

Inspired by the vision to give people back control over their personal data and empowered by the GDPR, we decided to fill this void and take our first step into the personal data industry. Soon, we will release our personal data platform that is ready for the real world and gives people full control to select the companies with whom they wish to share their contact information.

To all personal data providers that do not act in the consumers’ best interest: you better watch out. Things are about to change.

Lauro Vanderborght